The book of songs Bei Feng drum



Love, Affection, Sweet, Sleep – Pure Music – Ghost, Final Fantasy
The book of songs Bei Feng drum

Hear the roll of our drums! See how we leap about, using our weapons! Those do the fieldwork in the state, or fortify Cao, while we alone March to the south.

From Sun Zizhong, Ping Chen and song. [but] he did not lead us back, and our sorrowful hearts are very sad.

Here will he reside ; here will he sit? Here we lose our horses? And we seek for them? Among the trees of the forest.

For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word. Hold your hand and grow old together with you.

Alas for our separation! We have no prospect of life. Alas for our stipulation! We cannot make it good.




Music: Ghost, Final Fantasy – Mixed Music
Background: Beautiful Love



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